The first phase as a punk rocker was partly a journey in the vinyl collectors wide and infinite world, a hunt after new musical experience, preferably tagged as "punk". At an early stage, both me and Dog * had this tiny book where I kept a list over every single punk artist I was familiar with, even those I just knew the name of. I collected all references to punk I came across, in newspapers, books, ads, interviews, television, films, thanks lists on record inner sleeves etc. Compilations was a gas. Even just the thought of compiling more than 1 punk artist on 1 album was a thrill in my teenage lobotomized mind, and I bought as many compilations as possible, often preferring a V/A before a classic album by a single artist. These are some of the compilations that had a crucial effect on my former punk rock years: 
* Nickname of TROND NÖRBECH, my best friend and the other half of the BADH team.

    Burning Ambitions: A History Of Punk  
 (Cleopatra Rec,1984)

Volume 1 out of 3.This double piece of vinyl has a special place in my punk rock heart. I found this treasure in this lame secondhand store in my hometown, right after my conversion to punk. Contains a fab but rather strange compilation of mostly 1st generation UK punk artist, minus the biggest names SEX PISTOLS,THE CLASH,THE JAM,SKIDS and SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES, some UK oi / hardcore punk / new wave bands and 2 US faves: BUZZCOCKS,THE FALL, WIRE, ATV,THE 101´ERS,999,THE ADVERTS,THE STRANGLERS,THE VIBRATORS , X-RAY SPEX, THE SAINTS,UK SUBS,THE DAMNED,COCKNEY REJECTS, THE EXPLOITED, DEAD KENNEDYS, JOHNNY THUNDERS AND THE HEARTBREAKERS, KILLING JOKE, THE BOOMTOWN RATS, ADAM AND THE ANTS, DISORDER, GBH, ANGELIC UPSTARTS, THE PARTISANS, VICE SQUAD, ATTILA THE STOCKBROKERS,THE LURKERS, SPIZZ ENERGIE, SWELL MAPS, BLITZ, THE RUTS, SHAM 69, ANTI-PASTI, DAVE GOODMAN AND FRIENDS, EATER, GENERATION X, THE BUSINESS and SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS. There are of course, with a pretension of compiling "a history of punk", many names missing, mostly US but also UK acts like SUBWAY SECT, JOHNNY MOPED, STINKY TOYS, CRASS, CONFLICT, DISCHARGE, SUBHUMANS to name a few. And where the hell is NEW YORK DOLLS, RAMONES, THE VOIDOIDS, PATTI SMITH, BLACK FLAG, BAD BRAINS, MISFITS, THE GERMS, BLONDIE, WAYNE COUNTY, THE DICTATORS,FEAR, THE DICKIES, MINOR THREAT, SSD, D.O.A, SOCIAL DISTORTION etc?? I remember me and my best Dog were so excited when we checked it out at my place for the very first time that, in order to check out as many tracks as possible before our volley ball practise, we played the 2 first sides on 45 instead of 33. We were 12, goddammit. Eager for more. Non stop hunger for new punk tunes.

 Live At The Roxy London Wc2 
 (Harvest Records,1977)

Legendary live-compilation with UK punk legends such as BUZZCOCKS, SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS, JOHNNY MOPED,WIRE,THE UNWANTED,THE ADVERTS, EATER and X-RAY SPEX. I bought my original pressing in a secondhand record store in Oslo, and found the signature of Norwegian guitar hero Petter Baarli, best known from boogie outfit BACKSTREET GIRLS, the 2 Norwegian 1st generation punk bands SLIPS and ZIGGY & THE RHYTHM BULLDOGS but also toured a lot with JOHNNY THUNDERS the years before he died. This live album includes, in between tracks, recordings from a mic that was made available to the colorful poging,spitting, vomiting audience, you hear the mention of SID VICIOUS ( "Is Sid Vicious here tonight?") and JOHNNY MOPED has some hilarious quotes, revealing the true UK working class nature of the man, and POLY STYRENE of X-RAY SPEXs "oh bondage up yours...1..2..3..4"

The Rare Stuff  
(Harvest Records,1978)

Even when listening to it 25 years after, this record rises sky above the lot. Premium original (post)punk and new wave, with important names like THE SAINTS,WIRE,THE FLYS and RICH KIDS. THE SHIRTS and BANNED don´t reach the highest league in my book, but still by all means enjoyable. THE SAINTS "Demolition Girl" and THE FLYS "Love And A Molotov Cocktail" are personal winners. The cover art work is also top notch, what a good idea, the illustrated leather jacket with band pins spread around, for a compilation.

(Kong Pære,1979)

Classic and, as a collector item, rare Danish compilation from 1979. LOST KIDS,THE SODS, ELEKTROCHOCK, SLIM, KLICHÉ, THE BRATS, DREAM POLICE and NO KNOX. Important release for me and my buddies in the first formative years, especially in relation to our first band BELSENFANGAN ( SURE OPPSTØT ). We covered 2 of the songs on this Danish compilation, LOST KIDS´ "Asocial" (in fact more or less "Mongoloid" by DEVO) and SLIMs "Fuck The Queen". "Pærepunk" was originally a punk festival in Aarhus partly responsible for establishing a Danish punk scene on an early stage compared to the other Scandinavian countries. HARLEY FLANEGAN of STIMULATORS/CRO-MAGS,who is half Danish, was actually there during the festival in 1978(at an age of 11), or so the rumor says. Other trivia worth mentioning: SLIM always performed with a stripper, who later got out due to the other members hardcore drug habits. SODS changed name to SORT SOL, today one of the most established conventional pop rock bands in Denmark, still fronted by the charismatic one armed man, STEEN JØRGENSEN. THE BRATS, by far being the band that stands out on this particular record, turned out as the most successful of them all, when half of the line up ended up in Heavy Metal Giants MERCIFUL FATE. These days, my faves are "Skrid",LOST KIDS, both KLICHÉ tracks and "Bubbles", DREAM POLICE. 

Rodney On The Roq   
(Posh Boy,1980)

Crucial as can be, containing all time faves as AGENT ORANGE: "Bloodstains", ADOLESCENTS:"Amoeba", CIRCLE JERKS:"Wild In the Street", BLACK FLAG "No Values" etc etc. Other artists on the compilation are no less legends, U.X.A,KLAN,RIK L RIK,CROWD, DAVID MICROWAVE,THE NUNS, FENDER BUDDIES,VIDIOTS, SIMPLETONES and NEW YORK. I think this was the one which,singlehandedly,brought me into Cali/O.C punk rock. Compiled by a the almighty RODNEY BINGENHEIMER, who was responsible for giving these artists air time on his famous KROQ program Rodney On the ROQ.

 Carry On Oi  
(Captain Oi Rec,1981)

This was the first of many oi! compilations that I bought throughout my teenage years, and is probably the one of them that is least diminished by erosion of time. Obvious UK oi classics by THE BUSINESS,THE PARTISANS, BLITZ,LAST RESORT,INFA RIOT,RED ALERT,PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES,THE EJECTED, GONADS, 4 SKINS,GARRY JOHNSON,Oi THE CHOIR,Oi THE COMRADE and JJ ALL STARS. "Suburban Rebels" by THE BUSINESS  was(and still is) my special pick. Compiled by oi general (and CRASS hate object) GARRY BUSHELL.

Stars On Thrash  
(Roadrunner Rec,1988)

After 3 years of a steady purist diet of ´77 punk, my rural punk crew finally got more in touch with music from our own time, hardcore punk,death/thrash/speed metal,grind core,noise etc. This record absolutely had a part in that process, opening our minds and ears to artists which later became big faves of ours, such as SLAYER, DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILS, STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH and MUCKY PUP. Other featured artists are FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, PESTILENCE, TOXIK, PARADOX, ACROPHET,GOTHIC SLAM,SACRED REICH, ZNOWHITE,KAT,ATROPHY and HADES.

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Kåre G said...

Burning Ambitions: A History Of PunkBurning Ambitions: A History Of PunkBurning Ambitions: A History Of PunkBurning Ambitions: A History Of PunkBurning Ambitions: A History Of Punk

Utrolig viktig samling for mange dette (tror jeg) Nesten bare Hits.
Har noen av de ennå på vinylsingler... Det rare er for min del, at visse av låtene er det eneste jeg hörte med visse av bandene på noen år, og dermed gikk glipp av visse bra plater som jeg hadde vanskelig å ta til meg noen år senere...annet enn for å bekrefte at de var bra.