Rolf Einar Larsen: Voice.
Trond Nørbech: Beat.
Tor Helge "Tømme" Kvamme: Bass.
Anders Wimpelman: Guitar and backing vocals.

What rose from the ashes of my very first band, the previously posted BELSENFANGAN, was a brand new project featuring 3/4 of the members. I picked up the guitar instead of the microphone, and we got our friend Rolf Einar, a fellow punk enthusiast, in to take care of my former job.

While ´FANGAN was well rooted in a original ´77 punk tradition, ROLF EINARS DATATIPS, as we unpretentiously dubbed the new project, sought out to find a bit more updated style of punk. Personally, my taste of punk at that time revolved around the second generation of UK punk rock, theCRASS, CONFLICT, SUBHUMANS, DISCHARGE, VICE SQUAD, ENGLISH DOGS, CHAOS UK etc, though it slowly drifted further into faster, more aggressive stuff; from DISORDER, ELECTRO HIPPIES, INFEST, MINOR THREAT, VOID, THE FAITH, IRON CROSS, YOUTH BRIGADE to a lot of grind core, NAPALM DEATH, S.O.B, SORE THROAT, INTENSE DEGREE, EXTREME NOISE TERROR and HERESEY, as well as some crossover stuff, D.R.I, THE STUPIDS, ADRENALIN O.D, THE ACCUSED, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, S.O.D, VERBAL ABUSE and late AGNOSTIC FRONT. Needless to say, we were also into all varieties of metal at the time, especially SLAYER, POSSESSED, DEATH, SODOM, TESTAMENT,  EXODUS, CARCASS, CADAVER, ANTHRAX, CELTIC FROST and KREATOR.

I remember all of us being heavily into the Scum album by NAPALM DEATH, and thus we were aspired to turn up the tempo as well as distortion and the general level of noise. Some of us were newborn anarchists at the time, replacing the pure nihilism of ´77 with a growing political correctness.  As the one responsible for all of the lyrics, I took a lot of cues from CRASS, anti-religion, anti-authority,anti-corporate, as well as traditional 80s hardcore punk sloganism, typically promoting an anti-fascist  message. The lyrics were in the native Norwegian, and my attention thus also turned towards the many great 1st and 2nd generation Norwegian HC punk, BETONGHYSTERIA, SVART FRAMTID, FADER WAR, KAFKA PROCESS, BANNLYST, BARN AV REGNBUEN, SO MUCH HATE, STENGTE DØRER.

I never spent much time on the lyrics, I picked up a theme, chewed on it for some minutes, and then I wrote the whole lyrical piece, in top 5 minutes. This is indeed VERY easy to spot, in very premature rhetorical as well as logical state lines, I m close to feeling a slight tough of shame when hearing it today, but for fucks sake, I was only 16 and unfortunately by no means Arthur Rimbaud.All songs were written on a shitty acoustic guitar with only 2 strings on, all of the keys were totally smashed and fucked up, so this condition was permanent. Nevertheless,  I managed to write enough material for our first DIY demo, “Kjellerhits”, released in 300 ex. I seem to recall the the track list being:

“KJELLERHITS” "demo late 1990                                                                                          
( Recorded early January 1990 on a shitty portable studio.) 300 copies.

“Du Tar Feil”.
 “Æ lille”.
 “Sucks” (CRASS).
 “Øl & Rock”.

We continued rehearsing as much as we could, slowly improving our technical skills, and after some months I had penned some new numbers, as well as incorporating more cover tracks as well to the repertoire:
ROLF EINARS DATATIPS  live demo 1991
( Recorded early January 1991, live in the studio of TV Nordvest ) 

 “Du Tar Feil”
 "Æ lille”.
 "Gi Faen I Militæret"
 "Carl Ivar"
 "Øl & Rock"

Other tracks we did before the final break up in 1992 were:

"Ett Nytt Og Bedre Liv" (KJØTT)
"Sucks" (CRASS)
“Violent Pacification” (D.R.I)
My Rules” (VOID)
Slaughterhouse” (BODY COUNT)
Willy Er Et Svin” (VILLSVIN)

In February 1990, perhaps as a result of our a bit aggressive way of promoting the poor 300 copies of the demo, we practically forced it on every poor bastard we knew, we were asked  to  do a live show on this rather corny TV show (the infamous TV Nordvest, but we were of course kind of flattered to get over an hours playtime, and at the same time we knew that if we did a fairly good show, borrowing all  the equipment from the TV station(especially their quite expensive PA, we could get lucky recording a new live demo tape, sounding a hell lot better that the first. Later we send the final result to a National Radio show, reviewing demo tapes from all corners of the land. I seem to recall the verdict was way better than we expected.

We never did that many shows, I guess we played 3-4 in CHRISTIANSIN in the period ´90-92, as well as a show at Kulturelt Alternativ in Molde, together with some local punk and HC outfits, like ÅNDELITEN and GOLF CLAP.  ROLF EINARS DATATIPS disbanded  early Spring  92,, due to the fact that Rolf Einar broke the oath about never joining the army (“Fuck The Army”) and went out of town for a long time. I was already fed up with the proto punk sentiment, the whole goddamn package in style, attitude, behavior and jargon. It claims to cherish the value of non conformity and individual thinking, though at the age of 17 I somehow felt tied to a sub cultural straitjacket that defined and dictated every inch of your life, the life in flesh as well as the universe of thought and  emotional stature. Why the fuck should I stick to anarcho punk, reading  Direkt Action and Mikhail Bakunin, drinking carrot juice, ban the use of soap thinking the body eventually will "start to clean itself" and only listen to bona fide underground crust when the world had so much more in store?

So I flee the anarcho camp, step by step, by the fall of 1990. I guess the process already started the day I bought the “In My Eyes” 12” (MINOR THREAT), the “We´re Not In This Alone” album by YOUTH OF TODAY and the “Built To Last” album of HOGANS HEROES. Then I got more and more into vegetarianism and finally, initiated by a concert at Kult Alt Molde the 27th of December 1990, with ONWARD, INVERT and LAST STRAW, I turned straight edge and changed out my entire wardrobe, kind of.  I bought myself a pretty crappy GIBSON Les Paul and the recruited some natural born talents of the skateboard crowd in CHRISTIANSIN, converted all of them to both vegetarianism, straight edge and HC, and then formed an entire new band…

Me and Trond continued to play together in the indie rock project BIRDY NAM NAM, but that s another post.

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