Totally awesome rare moment of early LA punk history, check the quotes, the spirit of youth, the obnoxiousness, the style and the later to come celebs of the scene, even the mighty PAT SMEAR of all time faves THE GERMS, just to add the 2 rock giants NIRVANA and FOO FIGHTERS to his CV later on. 

Due to the extreme nature of my DARBY CRASH worship, PAT SMEAR, one of DARBYs earliest friends(they used to buy amphetamine from the same fat female drug dealer at their school). Both were outcasts at their school of course, and found themselves in the common interest of drugs, music and Charles Manson, among other things. I met him, he even bought me drinks, after THE GERMS with Shane West, or "Wreck" as he baptized himself in the spirit of the lexicon devil* himself, DARBY CRASH. Really nice guy. He was constantly smiling and obviously thrilled about playing THE GERMS material again. He was into playing the songs even faster these days, PAT told me, while DON BOLLES(GERMS drummer),who joined in on the conversation, with whizzed out eyes and a tall Wizard alike hat on his head, was on the opposite side.

"I m into some reeeal slow heaving pounding drums, man, but PAT won t allow me", air drumming like a maniac.

History has it that PAT introduced DARBY(ex-BOBBY PYN)to the essential inputs that seemed to kick off DARBYs original drive and give birth to his own creative ambitions: First and foremost DAVID BOWIE, especially the The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust album that would come to influence his life in a major and most crucial way, but also QUEEN,IGGY POP AND THE STOOGES, ALICE COOPER(Schools Out album was a hit,TUBES,MC 5 and NEW YORK DOLLS.
 PERFECT CIRCLE: Punk masterpiece.

If you wanna check the pulse of the influence THE GERMS had on the LA punk scene, mind the DARBY CRASH lookalike and the presence of the blue circle.

* "Lexicon Devil" is THE GERMS signature song of, released on both 7" and featured on the G.I album on Slash  Records.

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