MORETHANTHIS was a one off(?) project consisting of ex-members of LASH OUT,who came together the summer of 2010 to record material for a 7" that came out in 2011 on Sjakk Matt Plater, a local crust punk/hardcore label. I wrote 2 of their lyrics ("Manifest" and "Future Past") and helped them out with some backing vocals as well. I also gave them like 3 pages with name suggestions for the band, though prime motor Håvard Godøy obviously thought they were better off applying a grammatical contraction of the biggest ROXY MUSIC hit, "More Than This" from the canonized Avalon album from 1982. 

The whole affair was recorded in one day, live at some studio in Oslo I certainly NOT recommend, but that is another story. I think the result sounds great, somewhere in the landscape of DISCHARGE playing MÖTORHEAD, with a few tweaks of metal hardcore. Awesome vocals(Bjørnar Darknaess BACK DOWN/VINTERBLEK/ex_LASH OUT)and the lyrics, man, they are just incredible...;)

MORETHANTHIS: Artwork by Fredrik Melby.

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