My old hometown gang had a reunion last summer in Christiansin, the first gathering since 1992. The music nerd section, counting 3 persons, was of course well prepared, with pod casts compiled late at night,with the same intensity and obsession as with the mixtapes recorded on cheap stereo racks with double tape players in the 80s.
I was the most dedicated and extreme follower of popular culture and punk back then and i have my reasons for assuming that i still am. I simply couldn t compress the long list of tracks of must-haves down to one single mix, so i had to make 2 different pods; each representing significant and major events and periodes of our sick romance with punk rock. In genre terminology and furthur soon turning into hard core,grind core,death metal,thrash metal,speed metal and black metal

I made the 2 mixes strictly out of material that was important back then. Most in regrads to individual cultivation of a taste young at heart and with a curiousity beyond the extreme point "X" in the cycle of search & destroy. We were a tiny circle one of bored teeage kids on the north western coast of Norway,equally eager to learn and explore as to burn and bury. Descending from the spotted grave, rising from the ashes just to raise hell one more time. The game of ripping it up,just to start all over again.

But every gang has its´common ground of anthems and singalongs and I did my best to nail those powerful tunes in the list of my pods. The first was named after a most important BLACK FLAG album release, but at the same time a name that also recognizes our virgin take on punk, a purist revival of classic punk rock, a "1977 Injection"(DAGGERS), of course being totally misplaced in both time and space.

The minerature punk explosion of 1985 in the outskirts of Norway was initiated by "Kill The Poor" by DEAD KENNEDYS and soon other obvious classic punk records by SEX PISTOLS,THE CLASH,THE BUZZCOCKS,THE JAM,RAMONES,SHAM 69 and Norwegian 1st generation punk outfits KJØTT,OSLO BØRS,PINK DIRT,WANNSKRÆKK, LILIEDUGG, HÆRVERK etc. My first period of punk fandom hence had a strict focus on the historical classic incarnation of punk, revival of the dawn of the genre and style.

Of course we were completely out of step with the zeitgeist of our own time, even the contemporary version of hardcore punk. My mind was all about one chord wonders,safety pins,swastikas,circle-a´s,encyclopdial daydreaming through obsessive seanses of vinyl & tape madness and black & white photography of punk icons, from the staged simplistic perfection of gender bending rock iconography seen in the cover shot for PATTIE SMITHHorses by Robert Mapplethorne, to the random snapshots that actually captured the whole spectacle in flesh and blood, though in a two dimensional secondhand daylight version on celloid paper, think of Mick Rock and his immortal live exposures of the STOOGES in concert(chaos,that is). Or Lenny Lense, the poging female punk rocker handed a camera in very often the right, crucial moments of the concerts and the highlighted events during punk history. Soon available with link on site for download:


DEAD KENNEDYS Kill The Poor SEX PISTOLS New York ( The Dolls ) THE CLASH Clash City Rocker SHAM 69 Questions & Answers BUZZCOCKS Boredom RAMONES Commando THE RUTS In A Rut THE UNDERTONES Hypnotised THE JAM In The City COCKNEY REJECTS Flares & Slippers GBH Drug Party At 526 CIRCLE JERKS Wild In The Streets JOHNNY THUNDERS AND THE HEARTBREAKERS Chinese Rocks LOST KIDS Asocial LILIEDUGG Jesus UK SUBS Crash Course HÆRVÆRK Produkt Av 70åra THE VIBRATORS Sulphate WANNSKRÆKK AG3 SLIM Fuck The King SØT HÆVN Heks På Skaugum THE ADVERTS Drowning Men DREAM POLICE Bubbles THE DAMNED I Fall ATV Life NORSKE GUTTER Mamma Mannen Ga Meg Gonoré BLITZ Someone S Gonna Die Tonight THE EXPLOITED Dead Cities THE SAINTS (I m) Stranded EATER I Don t Need It KLICHÉ Farvel STIFF LITTLE FINGERS Suspect Device WIRE 1 2 X U OSLO BØRS Råtne Guder X-RAY SPEX Identity KAARE & PARTIET Be En Bønn 999 I m Alive EBBA GRÖN We re Only In It For The Drugs ANFALL Tvangsinnlagt ANGELIC UPSTARTS Lust For Glory KJØTT Nei Nei Nei


CRASS Do They Owe Us A Living? BETONGHYSTERIA Snuten Kommer SUBHUMANS Minority DISCHARGE Hear Nothing See Nothing Say NothinCONFLICT Increase The Pressure MINOR THREAT Straight Edge UNIFORM CHOICE A Choice SS DECONTROL GlueDYS More Than Fashion HOGANS HEROES Built To Last D.O.A Prisoner STENGTE DØRER Levereglene MISFITS We Bite SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Suicidal Failure LAZY COWGIRLS Goddamn Bottle WARZONE Don t Forget The Streets Don t Forget The Struggle DATA MORGANA Hvem Vant Krigen? AGNOSTIC FRONT Crucified MUCKY PUP Life 4 Def ANTHRAX I Am The Law STUPIDS So Much Fun BANNLYST Medalje Eller Dom GORILLA BISCUITS Sitting Around At Home' TOTALITÄR Ta re I Skitan LIFE S BLOOD Not For The Weak SO MUCH HATE Skyggesiden POSSESSED Swing Of The Ax DRI Violent Pacification NAPALM DEATH The Kill GANG GREEN Alcohol CRO-MAGS Sign Of The Times YOUTH DEFENCE LEAUGE Skinhead 88 METALLICA Last Caress DEATH Baptized In Blood M.O.D No Glove No Love KREATOR After The Attack SLAPSHOT Step On It SLAYER Raining Blood S.O.D Kill Yourself SIDE BY SIDE Side By Side CELTIC FROST Visual Aggression YOUTH OF TODAY Slow Down

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