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Me and the drummer of LASH OUT,Vegard Waske,had this zine called STEPS TOWARDS CHANGE, put together during our heyday of idealism and political interest. Our reason for doing it, covering up for the hyper active urge to constantly seek new sensations, was mostly to promote PC, Straight Edge and vegetarianism/veganism. Perhaps a late reaction to the 80s emphasis on surface and form. We longed for some substance of belief,a task which of course turned out to be difficult,if not impossible,in the long run. A postmodern enlightenment, more or less burning down to ashes,completely in vain.That was the beauty of it.

We both studied Political Science at university,reading John Stuart Mill,Karl Marx and Max Weber. This inspired us most definitely, in addition to TONS of fanzines from a to z, that means from crust to Krishna in the ´92 punk zine scene. Of course Maximum Rock N Roll, Flipside, Heartattack,Suburban Voice, Thrasher,Transworld,Direkt Aktion,Class War and more.

 We founded LASH OUT 2 months earlier,rehearsing like maniacs in the stinky cellar at KULTURELT ALTERNATIV in Molde, and did, as far as I can remember, 2 shows with LO, one at Goma Aktivitetshus in Christiansin together with LIFE..BUT HOW TO LIVE IT?, and another one at UFFA in Trondheim. So starting up a fanzine was also a good thing in regards to promote the band in every possible sense, getting in touch with people in the obscure global community of hardcore and punk.

I think it s fair to mention another motivation for starting up a zine of our own: the privilege of advanced tapes and even some official vinyl releases,fanzines etc finding its way to our Norwegian homes, in an excuse of a review. This made a steady going stream, bombing our mail boxes with envelopes scribbled down with "Xs and"Go Vegetarian"s, sporting stamps rubbed in with soap, a trick that made it possible to reuse them. Perfect for a poor student trying to keep in touch with 50 + punk pen pals all over the world.


We only managed to put out one issue, but I remember it as one hell of an issue, thick as a brick, packed with interviews SHELTER, REFUSED, ONWARD, BORN AGAINST, LIFE BUT HOW TO LIVE IT?, some columns and tons of reviews. All spread out in a totally messy and chaotic layout,at best described as an influence from the contemporary mail art trend.

Unfortunately, I can t find any issues of my own, and if Vegard don t have any either, there s a slight chance for this project went down in history without any proofs or documentary left behind for the nerd to gorge in.. Clue anyone? I have a vague memory of some legendary silly pics of myself, serious as hell, with Champion hood on and clenched x´d fists..

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