The typical fashion of the straight edge hardcore scene back in 1992-94 was LARGE. If not in sales numbers then most definitely in size. The kids enlarged into extremes, oversizing everything at least 2 numbers. My natural size was “M”(and still is, you fat motherfuckers), but in those days I barely bought one single item that wasn t “XL”.

Within the still rather marginal transatlantic community of straight edge kids in this period, there was impossible to talk fashion without mentioning the influence from skateboarding. The reason was as simple as most kids with a liking for hardcore, especially those not spending their time getting fucked or fucked up, also had a skateboard. Or he used to or pretended to. . I guess we looked like hardcore whiggers, not a pretty sight for contemporary eyes.


To zoom in the detail of great importance for the sXe kid, inflicted with both fashion and politics: the selection of tee s ordered overseas was based on 2 clear preferences: Favorite US bands, old school as new school, and shirts promoting sXe or vegetarianism.

In 1992-95 the sXe tee often featured colorful illustrations in natural palettes and a darker, perhaps more Gothic, taste in font and motives.
This "new school" branch of the 3 generation of straight edge seemed to seek away from the grasp of bold fonts in clean cut college design, echoing the simple musical formula of straight edge hardcore.It all drifted more into a flirtation with all kinds of metal;Slow pounding songs with pitched down instruments and a total playtime actually passing 2 minutes, probably taking in a bit of those days pre nu metal, like PANTERA, as well as some of the symphonic desperation of NEUROSIS and the first stuff that came to represent the doom / drone genre; CATHEDRAL,MY DYING PRIDE and semi electronica in the vein of SCORN and PITCH SHIFTER.Black metal should also be mentioned as a influence.

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