On October the 12th, 2009, the US punk legend Brendan Mullen died of a massive stroke. I got my last FB message from Brendan only weeks before his death and could´t help getting a strange sensation,though I never met him real life. Brendan was born in Scotland but moved to Los Angeles, which was really fortunate for the growing punk scene in the city those days.His club,"the Masque",which opened the doors in 1977,was highly responsible for launching the careers of many pioneering US punk outfits such as my all time faves,THE GERMS,X,GO GO´s,WEIRDOS, SKULLS,CONTROLLERS and more.

You can see him, almost 30 years younger, in the 1986 movie of X, "X- The Unheard Music".Mullen also made brief appearances in We Jam Econo-The Story of the MinutemenPunk's Not Dead(2007). and

He was the author of books on LA Punk,such as We Got The Neutron Bomb(2001) together with Marc Spitz,Lexicon Devil: The Fast Times and Short Life of Darby Crash and The Germs(2002) coauthored with THE GERMS drummer Don Bolles and Adam Parfrey. Later on his also wrote about yet another heroe of mine,Perry Farrell (JANE´S ADDICTION), in the 2006 publication Whores:An Oral Biography of Perry Farrell and Jane's Addiction. The last book he gave out, together with Roger Gastman and Kristine McKenna,was Live at the Masque:Nightmare in Punk Alley(2007). 

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